Auto A/C Services

Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

Our experienced Air Conditioning Installation team works on all types of vehicles, from trucks and vintage cars to modern day automobiles.

1. Air conditioning 12 volt R134a systems for Pick Up’s

2. Double and Single Air conditioning systems for Minibuses and Panel Vans

3. 24 Volt R134a Air Conditioning systems for 3 ton, 4 ton ,7 ton, 10 ton Trucks, Dump Trucks, 18 Wheeler trucks and larger

4. Integrated R134a systems for new Japanese, European and Korean passenger cars

5. Air conditioning systems and new parts for Construction, Agricultural and Off road vehicles

We basically can supply new parts, repair and install vehicle air conditioning systems for all automobiles. Call us for more information regarding an installation at 1-868-657-6544 or 1-868-624-6544.


What is Auto Air Conditioning?

Enjoy a cool, quiet and comfortable drive regardless of how high the heat level is outside. Auto air conditioning systems keep the interior of your car cool in two ways, simultaneously pumping cold air into the cabin and removing heat from the cabin.




We supply Auto A/C parts and services for a wide range of vehicles.
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